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Afterthoughts of the Plan described below - September 2001

Delayed visa of Colombia ( 1.5 week wait at Colombian Consulate at Quito ), and the cool, nice weather of Quito(Ecuador) changed my plan. Most of the time I ended up exploring Ecuador. Only 15 days ( Visitors Visa US $34 for 15 days! ) I spent in Colombia ( air hopping Bogota, Cartagena, and Cali ) which were nice and not long enough to cover this great, warm and geographically varied country. Places in Colombia were left untouched such as - Isla St. Andez, Santa Marta, Baranquilla ( in the Caribe ), and Leticia ( in the Amazonia jungle ). Peru was left untouched ( Iquitos, Cuzco, Macchu Picchu, Parque Nacional de Manu & Lago Titicaca ) except capital city Lima. Unfortunately I could never make upto Brazilian rainforest ( Fonte Boa, Manaus, Belem, et al. ) at this trip.

Pit Stop - PERU - June 2001

As there are no roads, no air strips, and no access from NYC to straight brasilian amazon, i decided to get into a Trozan horse. Usually in brasil, from the delta of Amazon, Belem to Manaus all tributaries of Amazon join and make is as wide as a lake or sea! so a navigating a boat thru the muddy water misses the people, rainforest and habitats completely. On the other hand, picking it up from Iquitos, Peru and navigate thru different Peruvian, Colombian and finally to Manaus, Brasil is quite mix of fauna, people and the river. So this is my plan! Besides that, I intend to touch Caribe Cartagena, Baranquillla, and Quito, Ecuador, before taking a dive with piranhas ( or for that matter eating them!) If I survive, I will be doing INCA and lake Titicaca and maybe Manu river which has the most pirstine rainforest!


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